Dr. DUuH’s brief tip

Shepherds have a hard time saying ThahT.

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  1. The crucial distinction to be made in relation to the Jews on the part of a Christian is often misunderstood. Anti-Semitism is a racial concept, in the sense of hatred of the Jews because of immutable and ineradicable racial characteristics. This is utterly wrong and something that has always been repudiated by the Catholic Church. However, it is necessary for a Christian, in view of the belief of that faith in the divinity of Christ, to be anti-Jewish in the sense of opposing beliefs and actions of Jews which operate as a consequence of the Jewish rejection of Christ. Many Jews try sincerely to live up to the moral law; nevertheless, it is the case that the Jews rejected Logos, the reason for the universe and its redemption, and so rejected Christ, the Supernatural Messiah, in order to support anti-Christian revolutionary movements. This rejection of Logos has been a feature of Jewish history and led directly to cultural subversion and collapse of the moral order.

    1. I am the rreal speec coach and I don’t think it won’t be that unhelpful to learn how to say the word SlolS, SblolbS, or Glols incorrectly.

  2. Dr. DUuh must be a clear help talker who was assigned the difficult task of helping Aliens from the sun speek englis.

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